Visa Requirements

In general, delegates who are not citizens of Ireland and who are not a national of one of the countries listed below, are required to have a valid Irish visa.

The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service also operates an Irish Short Stay Visa Waiver Programme, which allows delegates from a selected list of countries to enter Ireland without a visa if they have a UK ‘C’ General Visa and meet certain conditions.

Attendees should apply for visas at least 8 weeks in advance of travelling to Ireland.

Please consult the citizens’ information website for further information about Visa requirements.

Invitation Letter Requests (for Visa Requirements)

If you need an invitation letter to obtain a visa to attend ICIS, please follow the step below:

  1. Register and complete your payment for your conference registration
  2. Afterwards, complete and submit the Invitation Letter Request Form
  3. Email a copy of your registration receipt to the AIS registrar at

Please Note: Visa requests can take several weeks, registrants are strongly encouraged to apply for the Letter of Invitation no later than 2 months prior to the conference.