Submissions Timeline

General Timeline
17-August-2016Track Proposals DUE
17-October-2016 Mini-Track Proposals DUE
09-January-2017Manuscript submissions BEGIN
01-March-2017Manuscript submissions DUE 1:00 PM EST (13:00) – Completed Research and ERF (Emergent Research Forum) submissions
03-April-2017Workshops & Tutorials, and Panels DUE
17-April-2017Notification of initial decision on Completed Research and ERFs
25-April-2017Camera ready submissions DUE on Completed Research and ERFs
25-April-2017TREO (Technology Research, Education, and Opinion) Talks and PDS (Professional Development Symposia) submissions
28-April-2017Notification of decision on revised camera-ready Completed Research and ERFs
01-May-2017Notification of decision on TREO Talks and PDS submissions
30-June-2017PPT slides for TREO Talks DUE

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Mini-track Proposals

Due: 17-October-2016

Decision for mini-track proposals will be sent on: 27-October-2016

The mini-track proposal deadline has passed.

Completed Research and Emergent Research Forum (ERF)

Due: 01-March-2017 1:00 PM EST (13:00)


Workshops & Tutorials, and Panels

Due: 03-April-2017


TREO Talks and PDS

Due: 25-April-2017