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University Alliances North America Team

SAP University Alliances is a global academic network for executives and professionals, university students, and young thinkers connecting the strong SAP University Alliances community, which today includes more than 2,650 educational institutions in 90 countries, together with our SAP university Competence Centers and Academic Competence Centers, with SAP customers, partners, start-ups, other academic networks, governments, non-profit research institutions, and students at both universitities and schools.

Educate Next-Gen Talents for the Digital Transformation

Co-Innovate with SAP, Customers, and Partners

Engage with SAP Events and Build Industry Partnerships

Launch Graduates in the SAP Ecosystem

Showcase Students in SAP Next-Gen Consulting Projects

Empower the Digital University

Inspire Today’s Young Thinkers


  • -Build the next-generation talents for the digitial enterprise
  • -Drive innovation from academia and ┬ánext-generation users to the digitial enterprise
  • -Shape the future of higher education

We welcome you to join us to build the nex-generation talents for the digital enterprise.