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The Call for Papers is now available. The theme of the conference is Blue Ocean IS Research. In the practitioner literature, a Blue Ocean Strategy suggests that a company should not try to outperform competition in an existing market, but rather to seek a different new market space or a "blue ocean". What a better place than the lovely island of Puerto Rico in the Caribbean to think about blue oceans!

Blue Ocean IS Research means research that is different – because it tackles a new and emerging technology, adopts a novel trans-disciplinary perspective, or distinguishes itself in methodology, theoretical perspective, novel application, or adopts some other creative perspective that differentiates itself from existing IS research. The exact topics will be developed as the conference approaches to ensure that the topics are indeed "Blue Ocean" IS research topics in 2015.


Dr. Michael Karasick, Vice President Innovations for IBM Watson Group
, will be the keynote speaker. He oversees the Research and Development of technologies and products for Watson, including Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Discovery and Analytics. Karasick has published numerous papers in software engineering, geometric modeling, programming languages and pervasive computing. He is a member of ACM and IEEE.


The program will not be restricted to Blue Ocean IS research. We will also have regular tracks that have been successful in the past, including a Spanish, Portuguese and Latin America Track. Consistent with past AMCIS conferences, there will be both SIG-sponsored tracks as well as non-SIG tracks.

The program will retain traditional elements of prior AMCIS programs, including state-of-the-art professional development workshops for research and teaching, panels composed of academics and practitioners, and high-quality research presentations for completed research. In addition we are introducing a new program option called and Emergent Research Forum.