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As in prior years, AMCIS 2015 provides the opportunity for attendees to explore a topic or focus of interest in a panel and discussion format.  Panels typically involve a panel moderator (who poses several questions related to the topic), three to four knowledgeable contributors with alternative views or perspectives on the topic, and time for attendee follow up discussion.  Depending on the topic, the contributors can be drawn from the academy and/or from industry.

Though we are certainly interested in panel submissions that are related to the conference theme (BLUE OCEAN INFORMATION SYSTEMS RESEARCH), we are also quite interested in other relevant topics that would be of interest to AMCIS attendees.

If you have a provocative idea for a panel but are unsure how to put together the panel or find panel members, please contact either of the panel co-chairs by email. If we agree your idea is interesting, we will work with you to create a strong proposal.

Your panel proposal should contain the topic title and include an abstract as well as the following sections:

  1. Statement of the panel objectives (e.g., to disseminate new points of view, to foster a debate, to introduce a new area of exploration). This section should include one or two representative questions that each of the panelists would answer.
  2. Statement of the overall approach. This should specify the panel layout (how the moderator and panelists will address the topic (e.g., questions from the moderator, position statements followed by interactions among the panelists), and the time allocation given to the panel discussants and Q&A from the floor.
  3. A list of proposed panelists including a short bio of each that emphasizes why the panelist is well qualified to serve as a moderator or panelist. Panelists will need to be confirmed prior to the final selection of the panels.
  4. Statement of any equipment needs (projector, computer, Internet access). The complete panel proposal should be no more than three pages.

To submit a panel proposal: 

Submissions are encouraged as soon as possible.  Panel submissions will close February 25 2015. Improvement suggestions and feedback will be provided after submission. Notifications of acceptance/rejection will be sent by April 4. Any questions you may have regarding your submission should be addressed to:

Suzanne Rivard, HEC Montreal This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Martin Santana, ESAN University This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.